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The Little Voice In My Head

Sometimes, I feel like a lantern. I shine light for everyone around me to see but underneath me is as dark as night.
I often feel too clustered to think straight and know what I really want from life. I have placed certain expectations on myself and now I have difficulty putting myself together for myself. It's super easy to put myself together for others but when it comes to myself, na there wahala go come dey. Lagos sef no com help matters because there are too many stupid and daft people that will cross your path and frustrate the tiny bit of sanity you have left. Do I have a witness or am I speaking "bangdadadang?"
I went through a very rough patch in my life - nothing was working, my faith was shaking, I was in so much debt, I was tired and frustrated (I really do not want to use the word depressed). I began to wonder why adulthood hit me so badly that I became so confused, oppressed, rejected, frustrated and broke....... I almost let go but I'm grateful for my…

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